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The Inn at Blackbeards Castle, St. Thomas.

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St. Thomas Maps and Area Sights
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St Thomas, US Virgin IslandsThe entire island of St. Thomas is less than 20 miles from east end to west end. Everything may be considered "close by" depending on your point of view.

In town, local taxis are available if you prefer not to walk, and car rental may be arranged for you by the Hotel 1829.


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Mahogany Run GolfIsland Golf, Beach and Shopping
By car, it is only about 10 minutes north from Charlotte Amalie to Mahogany Run Golf Course and Magens Bay beach. Heart shaped Magens Bay, is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, a short distance away. Main Street's famous Free Port shopping is a short walk to town. (More about shopping below)

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Hotel 1829 is convenient to town historic sites and shopping. Gearing up with comfortable shoes, light clothing, hat, sunscreen and your favorite drink (water recommended) will make the day most enjoyable.Click on the Charlotte Amalie map for a full size view.

Shopping Charlotte Amalie
Gems, jewelry and watches, usually below Continental US prices, abound in Charlotte Amalie. No Sales tax and a high duty-free limit tantalizes shoppers. Shopping begins near the intersection of Garden Street and Main Street when heading towards the waterfront from Hotel 1829. Main street bustles with shops and restaurants. Charming paved walkways or lanes, called alleys, dart in and out between buildings with inviting entrances to specialty shops and boutiques.These little treasure "lanes" are festooned with hanging baskets, potted plants or other delightful visual touches.

For native-made island crafts and treats, the Crafts Cooperative shares the main floor of the old customs building with the government Visitor's Bureau on Tolbod Gade. Colorful umbrellas identify the outdoor vendor's market along the waterfront, selling a vast array of items, some imported, including an endless variety of tee-shirts. The architecture of many of buildings adds to the ambiance of island shopping.

Ferry to St. John
Hop on the ferry boat at the National Park Dock at the east end of St. Thomas for the short ride to the lovely island of St. John. Take your beach gear, or walking shoes, or both, and freshwater. The lush National Park features an absolutely wonderful underwater snorkel trail just off the beach. The trail has underwater markers for identification of sea-life and you can easily float or swim among hundreds of beautifully colored Caribbean fish and corals.You'll find local arts, shopping and dining most enjoyable. If you prefer to minimize your walking, just hail a local shared taxi to easily get around.

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